12/29 Haiyan fundraiser at Joe’s

Holiday greetings all! The holiday season has us in the giving mood. Please join us on Sunday 12/29 at Joe’s on Weed St in Chicago. $10 cover charge will get you 5 Pinoy musical acts and a boatload of Chicago’s best Filipino DJ’s. Come have some fun with us as we raise money for our homeland!jeepney-jams4x6-1(1)

Rig redux redux

The rig is finally complete! I have added a Joyo PXL Pro true bypass switch and put the whole pedal system in a Pedaltrain pedalboard. image

Finally, I encased my amp and imagecab in a live-in case is made by Safe Case. Now it’s time to try and find some full band gigs so I can use this puppy!

Rig redux

imageI’m thinking of revamping my electric rig, which currently consists of a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier head, a custom 2 x 12 cabinet (fabricated by my friends at Ayre Productions), a few Boss pedals (Blues Driver, Digital Delay and Phaser), Digitech Whammy, Dunlop Hendrix wah, Big Muff and a Hughes & Kettner Tubeman. The tapdancing while singing live is too cumbersome so I’m looking to simplify the effects chain. I expect to replace the H&K and Boss overdrive with a single pedal and get rid of the phaser altogether. Ahhhhhh, just the thought of it is bringing my blood pressure down!

Summer is almost here!

The summer is almost upon us, so that means shorts and sandals baby! Check out my schedule to find out where I’ll be this summer. As of this post there are 21 ways to catch me either basking in the sun or cooling in the AC with my guitar. Hope to see you there!

Parodies abound!

I’ve recently secured a pretty cool gig writing and recording some song parodies for a company and performing them live at their sales meeting in Vegas! My third year in a row with this fabulous Chicago-based company, in fact. I’m a bit weary of singing silly songs like these in front of people, but the fun almost immediately squashes the initial embarassment. Four weeks and counting til I take a bird to Sin City and not a single note recorded yet… Ummmmm, time to woodshed in the studio!